Sounds in Silence are Powerful!


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Mystics profess that as a soul journeys along the path to enlightenment, a series of subtle, internal sounds in quiet meditation may be heard. These sounds are heard within the body and do not appear to come from the environment. Likewise, with tinnitus, one hears “ringing” within the ears. People have professed to hear the following internal sounds:

* The pounding of the surf of the sea

* The humming of bees

* The tinkling of soft bells

* The ringing of soft bells

* The chirping of crickets

* The rumbling water of a brook

* The chirping of crickets

* The rumbling of thunder

* The roaring of a lion

* The ringing of a loud bell

* The blowing of a conch shell

* The gong of a big drum

* The strings of a harp

* The tone of a flute

* The sound of bag pipes

* The absence of all sound

The Bible, (Revelations 14:2) also refers to this inner hearing:

“And I heard the voice from heaven. Like the sound of many waters, like the sound of loud thunder, the voice I heard was like the sounds of harpers playing on their harps”.  

Mystics highly regard the power of listening to these internal sounds.  They regard this practice as an important path to enlightenment.  Further, mystics suggest certain meditation techniques to enhance extraordinary hearing abilities.

Specifically: as we improve our hearing abilities, we receive benefits. Numerous mystics and sages credit the proper use of sound as the source of great wisdom; it offers profound spiritual growth, putting pilgrims on the spiritual-fast-track.

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