Change – a natural, organic process


Several of my Reiki Master students have asked me to help them as they begin to teach Reiki. I have told them, as I am saying now, that I no longer give the same class that I gave when I started to teach Reiki — over 20 years ago now.

Not only have I changed and developed in my Reiki practice, but the energy of Reiki itself has changed as it has become more widely known, used and accepted. Similarly, those who decide to learn this wonderful energy healing modality are different from those to whom I taught it way back then.

Change is is a natural organic process. Whether we like it or not, we all alter. If we embrace change, everything in our lives will run more easily. And so will our thoughts and emotions.

In the second decade of the twenty-first century, people accept the whole concept of energy more easily, they appreciate that we have a bio-magnetic resonance, and they are beginning to come to an understanding that we are all one, in that we are all part of Nature. No longer do we believe in the uniqueness of man (and woman) kind. Now we recognise that we inhabit a comparatively small planet that is infinitely fragile and precious. We see that whole of Nature is interdependent and that the essence of the universe is infinite and way beyond our comprehension.

I say this to demonstrate how much we, and thus the whole of Life, is affected by the constant alteration in our perception of energy and of the infinite.

No doubt my teaching will change too over the coming years, but, since I have been asked, I am about to set down the way I would approach teaching a Reiki 1 workshop in my present state of awareness and understanding.

I offer my words as a framework for students and teachers alike. Take from it what resonates with you and chuck the rest out. Maybe you will come back to it another time, but maybe you won’t. The important thing is to trust your own energy and to act accordingly.

I am not enlightened and I do not profess to be. I am simply someone who has walked along the Reiki path a little ahead of you. I offer guidance, but of course there is no need to accept it – most important is that you choose to walk your own way.

My hope and prayer is that amongst my words you will find something of value.


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