The beginning

Blue Water Lily

In this post I’m continuing my book: Refreshing Reiki – a reprise of a Reiki 1 class

Hello and welcome!

It is a great honour to be chosen as your Reiki Teacher, and I thank you for the privilege. You are giving yourself a wonderful gift by empowering your life with Reiki

One of the lovely things about teaching Reiki is getting to know those people who choose to study with you, so thank you for taking this journey with me.

Because Reiki is energy, it has to be experienced, rather than taught. So I am asking you to come on a journey of experimentation with me. Use your body-mind as a laboratory and let’s do some experimenting. Nothing is right or wrong. It is just how it is. Allow yourself to relax into that understanding.

Before we start, let us bring our energy into the room. Let us become present: letting go of all the getting here and all the things that are superfluous right at this moment.

…So let’s all stand up.  Take a silent inventory as to how you feel. Work from your feet up. Do you feel tense anywhere? Uncertain? Anxious? Wondering? Where in your body do you feel tension or pain? This is just for you. There is no right or wrong and no reason to tell anyone, unless you want to.

Take a step backwards or sideways. Make sure you have room to move. Shake out any bits of you that are stiff, cramped or painful. If thoughts or aches and pains are making themselves awkward, take them off, shrug out of them as though they were a suit of armour (which indeed they are, in the energy sense). If you need help to unbuckle and release yourself, ask your neighbour to assist. Help each other. Then carry that energy to the window and toss it out into the greenness and wisdom of Nature where everything is recycled… more of that later!

Now come back to where you were. Ease your shoulders in a circle, pull them up to your ears and then backwards, feeling your shoulder blades drop down your back… see if you can make them meet…now circle them round to the front. Repeat a couple more times. Then circle your shoulders the other way round.

Now release your elbows by circling them, first one way for about 10 revolutions and then the other.

Do the same with your wrists.

Shake your hands at the wrist, feeling them loosen and relax. Open and close your hands, stretching the fingers as far as you can and then closing your fists. Do some mad piano-playing.

Now put your hands on your hips and circle at the waist, first one way then the other.

Stand on one leg and circle the other at the knee. 10 times one way then 10 times the other. Then stand on the other leg and circle the first leg at the knee, 10 times each way.

Repeat with the ankles, circling each of then 10 times one way, then 10 times the other.

Next rock backwards and forwards on your feet, back on your heels, then on to your toes. Stand on tiptoes if you like.

Now stand still, close your eyes, take a deep breath in …. And let it out slowly. Take your awareness into your body and see how it feels now … Again there is no right or wrong, but you may find that tension has relaxed, your mind is more relaxed, body and mind are connected … you feel more present.

Share your experience with me and the others if you feel like it. Or make a note … or not. This experience is yours to do with as you wish.


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