Understanding subtle energy

100_0266Although I have learned a great deal about the subtle energy system as I’ve travelled my Reiki path, I well remember the bafflement I felt when it was first described to me. In those long-ago days, I was a practising lawyer and used to rational ideas and explanations, so I found the whole concept of energy difficult to understand.

Since then, of course, the internet has made information available as never before and the understanding of metaphysical concepts through the medium of quantum physics has blossomed. However, although there is a great deal of information available, it is not always understandable.

Now, before I teach a first Reiki class, I ask my students to come to a workshop in which I outline the subtle energy body and its subtle energy channels, so that when they come to practice this wonderful healing art, they have some understanding and experience of the way that energy spins into matter. In this way, they become aware, not only of subtle energy itself, but of its interaction with the whole of creation.

The first step in understanding our subtle energy is to learn to trust our inner knowledge.

This can be difficult because we’ve been conditioned by society to trust only what we are  taught by others and to hide all those parts of us which we believe to be unacceptable to society. So let’s take a long hard look within, imagining we are seeing with the all-seeing Eye. This Eye sees everything within the compass of our body-mind-spirit — our hopes and fears, our happinesses and sadnesses, our kindnesses and cruelties, joys and griefs, wellness and illness, and everything else that we like to keep hidden.

The Eye sees without judging, but with compassion. It looks deeply within, seeing where we are lost, where we are selling ourselves short, where we are stuck in our thought processes, where we are clinging to a belief system that is harmful or weakening. Compassion sees: and, in seeing, understands.

From this understanding, we humans have a choice that comes from our free-will. We can stay as we are, or we can choose to change and take responsibility for all that we are — including our feelings, our beliefs and our judgements.

If we choose to change, the change occurs spontaneously.

If we choose to stay as we are, limited by our existing patterns, beliefs and thought forms, there is no judgement. But there is acceptance — and in that acceptance there is also compassion. And that is a kind of change.

Once we accept ourselves, exactly as we are, we can move on — if we want, there is no compulsion — to seeing what serves us and what does not. From there, it is only a short step to deciding what we would like to keep and what we would like to fall away.

This sounds easy, but can be uncomfortable, especially if we realise that the things we need to let go are things, beliefs or people to which we are attached. For this reason we need to be gentle with ourselves, giving ourselves time and encouragement as well as understanding. If you find difficulty in letting go, try blessing each thought, idea or belief — with gratitude for what it has taught you — before releasing it.

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