My Life: an interview

M Portrait elbow 019_2Katie Day kindly interviewed me last year. The interview covers most of my life!

If you’re interested, here’s a link to the audio file:


1 thought on “My Life: an interview

  1. Marion,

    I think is wonderful. Richard sent it once, he was so proud.

    When I am near you I feel that you are authentic and humble and humane and I have so much to learn and improve and believe in me. I’m changing. I feel I can be true to myself and honest and show the real me. Is happening. I can be even better. I meet Jo and her gongs and she is so happy, Jane and her shamanic healing is making her so happy too. Healing ourselves and becoming passionate about something and help others like you have been doing it with Reiki. For my trip to Chile, I will stay on my own and I’m bringing everything I have collected through the years about Reiki and our workshops. I need to be away to study and see it from another perspective. I am very happy!

    Big hug dear Marion and loads of love and light in your life. Very grateful that you are part of this rebirth,



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