Sacred Space

100_1001SACRED SPACE – an introduction to Environmental Energies

 10 am until 4.30 pm

Only £50 for the day

In this gentle but exciting 1 day workshop you will • learn the fundamentals of earth energies • discover the over-arching Nature Spirits with whom we share this planet • practise experiments in communing with Nature Spirits • try actively connecting with the natural powers to co-create a comfortable place • learn to listen to Nature • learn meditative techniques for tuning in to Natural energy  • try a guided meditation to co-create with Nature in bringing all energies into balance• and lots more! Come prepared to experiment and enjoy!

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No 1 in the Mysterious Marsh series

1976. The wild and haunting Romney Marsh in the South of England. It’s the beginning of a long hot summer when Hazel Dawkins, a spirited young solicitor, takes maternity leave anticipating a period of tranquility.

Instead, the dreams begin. In them she encounters Annie, a passionate young woman whose romantic and tempestuous life was adventurously lived, more than two centuries previously, in the cottage that Hazel now occupies.

As their destinies entwine, Hazel not only confronts a terrifying challenge which parallels history, she finds herself desperately fighting for survival in a cruel and unforgiving age. Even more disturbing is the realisation that her battle will affect the future for those in the past whose fate is, as yet, unwritten. Her only ally is Annie. Together they face events that echo through the centuries, events that are as violent and compelling as they are unexpected.

And, as the past collides with the present, the time for the birth of Hazel’s child draws ever nearer.


Can you find the Real You?

litch gate

I am.’         The mystery of the real you is symbolised in these words.

I am.’          Simple words describing a simple truth. I exist. I know I exist.

In the silence within your consciousness you can feelI am’ as the eternal Presence of your being. Allow your attention to flow inward. Let the silence reveal that Presence (‘I am’) within you, rooted in peace and oneness. You are eternal consciousness.

Follow your breath. Slow attention to the inhalation and exhalation of your breath allows you to contact your centre and to align with your awareness.

You do not have to think to find the I am Presence, in fact if you do think you will not find it – for then the mind comes in … ‘Do I exist?’  Perhaps not.  How can I prove I exist?  As we identify with thought, idea, imagination and emotion, as we all do, we are distracted from the simplicity of being – ‘I am’ – and this becomes – ‘I think I am not.’

One single, simple thought can divert your attention and distract you from the Presence. Thus, to contact the mystery of ‘I am’ requires detachment from all thought and from identification with the mind.

If a thought comes in, take your attention back to the breath. A separation or a shift occurs naturally, almost automatically. One moment you are aware of thoughts and you are identifying with them and the next you are simply aware of the ‘I am’ Presence.

This is the real you. Complete, whole, pure and unpolluted.seagull

To Register or not to Register?

In a Reiki 2 training recently, I was giving advice and guidance on how to set up a Reiki Practice.

100_0291I was lucky to have some very pro-active students who were very keen to get out there and to get healing as soon as possible. One asked me if there was a Reiki Organisation I would suggest she joined? I took a deep breath, asked her to leave the question with me and promised that I would answer her as soon as I knew how.

Funnily enough, I had recently been asking myself the very same question. As I was, myself, a Founder Member of one such body, I used to recommend that organisation. But I left some time ago.

I recalled my reasons for leaving:

  • The benefits were few compared to the cost of the yearly membership.
  • No client ever asked me if I was the member of such an organisation despite the fact that I ran a Complementary Health Centre and practised Reiki on at least three days a week.
  • I had found a very good and economical insurance policy that did not require membership of such a body as a pre-requisite.

Those were the rational reasons. Beneath them ran (and still runs) an ideological unhappiness.

Reiki is becoming increasingly regulated and is losing its beauty and simplicity in the process.

100_0266I looked at the websites for the various organisations and realised that they were all heading in the same direction – Regulation.

Regulation with evidence-based criteria, Continuing Professional Education, minimum hours, supervision, National Occupational Standards and all the rest of the palaver. Not to mention having to prove your lineage back to Dr. Usui.

Now I am the first to admit that all methods of complementary healing need professional ethics and principles – but do we really need to jump through all the hoops required by the various organisations?

At the moment the answer is a resounding ‘no’!

Self-regulation is voluntary – unless you wish to join an organisation. Unfortunately the usual advice given on choosing a Reiki Practitioner is to find one who is insured and a member of a reputable organisation. Personally, I feel there is no substitute for good old personal recommendation.

If you would like to know about the National Occupatonal Standards for Reiki click here. Click here for the Core Curriculum.

So what was my answer?

100_0285Well, after a lot of soul-searching and head-scratching all I could say was that each person must make their own decision. Do the research – online and off – and make a decision that suits you.

For me, I will remain free, unregulated but bound by my own professional ethics, values, compassion and the love I feel for my fellow men and women who are journeying with me on this wonderful planet of ours. This is what I endeavour to pass on to my students.

May you all be blessed.  Namaste

Spiritual Spring Cleaning


rural village churchEaster is a time of rejoicing in renewal and re-birth. We celebrate the beginning of Spring, the return of the Sun’s strength and our capacity for fresh growth – whether on the roots we put down in the past or from a seed of new promise.  It is time to celebrate our own spiritual renewal.

Over the past few months the Earth’s energy has changed and positive energies have flooded into our lives.


Just as the angle of the new sun shines through the window revealing the dirt and smudges of winter and the dust on the furniture so these light energies illuminate any dark that surrounds us, showing it up in stark contrast so it can be dissolved and healed.

If you tried to clean the windows in the nighttime, it’s likely you would miss many smuts of grime in the dark – but in the sunlight it is easy to see. You may not like what you see at first, but you can soon clean it up. A newly-cleaned house feels brighter and full of happiness so imagine how wonderful you will feel when you clean your soul and your life! free desktop wallpaperTake a moment to really look and discover what these new energies have revealed to you. See what you need to release in order to grow and move forward. Maybe you need to throw away things like fear, anger, anxiety? Maybe you need to polish your mirror to a perfect shine so that you can reflect all the shining things around you?

litch gateMaybe your floor is littered with things you started, things you meant to do, old thought patterns that no longer serve you.  Maybe you have shut yourself in with old conditioning?

To make way for the new beginnings that are coming in the next few months, open the doors and windows of your spirit.


red tulipsLet in the sunlight and the soft breezes of Spring.  Sweep out the old and dusty. Polish the things you treasure. Dust off the feelings of happiness and joy that have been lingering in a corner.

Bring in the flowers of delight, smiles and laughter.



Relax and enjoy your new Being – a Being with room for inspiration and excitement and the pure joy of being alive and whole.


An Introduction to Meditation

BECOMING LIGHT – an introduction to Meditation

Saturday 8th March 2014

At Whisperwood, New Cut, Westfield, East Sussex TN35 4RD

Only £50 for the day

In this gentle 1 day workshop you will • learn the effects of meditation on the mind • . . . and on the body • practise your own meditative experiments • try active meditation • relax into contemplation • discover visualisation as a meditative technique • try guided meditation • learn mantras/ sound meditation • discover how to bring meditation to your daily life • the breath connection • and lots more! Come prepared to experiment with your own capacities!

To book or enquire please contact Marion

Add More Reiki to your Life in 2013

The traditional way of teaching Reiki has often meant that someone will take a Reiki workshop or two, enjoy it and practise Reiki for a while. Almost imperceptibly, life ‘gets in the way’ and Reiki slips so far into the background that it is forgotten. Soon other concerns creep in and this wonderful gift you have given yourself gathers dust in the farthest corner of your life. What a pity!

Everyone knows that the more we practice, the more we learn; the more fascinating it is, the better we become at it; the more comfortable we feel with it, the more it becomes a part of our everyday life.

Hey Presto! Reiki is a part of who you are and you are a part of the Reiki community.

My fellow Reiki Master Teacher, Vivien Ford, and I have also found that by re-taking a class we learn so much more than the first time around. And we have found that teaching at all levels brings the greatest rewards and a much deeper understanding of energy and people. The Earth needs Reiki teachers to pass on this wonderful way of being and spiritual path.

Because of the Planetary Healing with which we are involved, we are aware that there are many, many changes taking place on our planet at this time. A level of comfort with Reiki can raise your awareness of your connection to the Earth.

Each and every one of us brings our own special gifts to this work and the more Light Workers we have the better!

With all these things in mind, we devised a FRESH APPROACH to REIKI. Check it out!