To Register or not to Register?

In a Reiki 2 training recently, I was giving advice and guidance on how to set up a Reiki Practice.

100_0291I was lucky to have some very pro-active students who were very keen to get out there and to get healing as soon as possible. One asked me if there was a Reiki Organisation I would suggest she joined? I took a deep breath, asked her to leave the question with me and promised that I would answer her as soon as I knew how.

Funnily enough, I had recently been asking myself the very same question. As I was, myself, a Founder Member of one such body, I used to recommend that organisation. But I left some time ago.

I recalled my reasons for leaving:

  • The benefits were few compared to the cost of the yearly membership.
  • No client ever asked me if I was the member of such an organisation despite the fact that I ran a Complementary Health Centre and practised Reiki on at least three days a week.
  • I had found a very good and economical insurance policy that did not require membership of such a body as a pre-requisite.

Those were the rational reasons. Beneath them ran (and still runs) an ideological unhappiness.

Reiki is becoming increasingly regulated and is losing its beauty and simplicity in the process.

100_0266I looked at the websites for the various organisations and realised that they were all heading in the same direction – Regulation.

Regulation with evidence-based criteria, Continuing Professional Education, minimum hours, supervision, National Occupational Standards and all the rest of the palaver. Not to mention having to prove your lineage back to Dr. Usui.

Now I am the first to admit that all methods of complementary healing need professional ethics and principles – but do we really need to jump through all the hoops required by the various organisations?

At the moment the answer is a resounding ‘no’!

Self-regulation is voluntary – unless you wish to join an organisation. Unfortunately the usual advice given on choosing a Reiki Practitioner is to find one who is insured and a member of a reputable organisation. Personally, I feel there is no substitute for good old personal recommendation.

If you would like to know about the National Occupatonal Standards for Reiki click here. Click here for the Core Curriculum.

So what was my answer?

100_0285Well, after a lot of soul-searching and head-scratching all I could say was that each person must make their own decision. Do the research – online and off – and make a decision that suits you.

For me, I will remain free, unregulated but bound by my own professional ethics, values, compassion and the love I feel for my fellow men and women who are journeying with me on this wonderful planet of ours. This is what I endeavour to pass on to my students.

May you all be blessed.  Namaste


LIGHT FROM THE EARTH – An Introduction to Crystals

Saturday 22nd February 2014

10 am – 4.30 pm

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In this fascinating 1 day workshop you will learn • how crystals are formed • how they have been used by past civilisations • . . . and how they are used by us every day • how to choose a crystal • how to programme and cleanse them • how to make a crystal essence • how they relate to the 7 chakras • and lots more! Come with an open mind and prepared to enjoy!

To book or enquire please contact Marion

Spinning into Form


Date to be arranged: contact Marion

10 am – 4.30 pm

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In this intriguing 1 day workshop you will learn • how the original ‘big bang’ affects all life • how the unseen informs the seen • about your subtle energy field • how the aura relates to your physical body • how to sense the energy centres known as chakras • to become aware of the energy lines in the human form • to feel energy in your own hands • the breath connection • and lots more!

To book or enquire please contact Marion

A Reiki Teacher’s role

The Role of A Reiki Teacher

This definition by Reiki Master Colin Powell says it all.

The primary role of a Reiki Teacher is to teach the practice of Reiki to others. However, there is much more to the role than “just” teaching techniques, history and theory.

A Reiki teacher will form a good relationship with her students so that she better understands what their motivation and goal in learning Reiki is, so that they can be guided in the most appropriate way. She must also be open and able to answer their questions in a clear, non-judgemental and non-condescending way.

A good Reiki teacher will be available for post-course support for her students and provide facilities such as the opportunity to repeat courses, to attend Reiki shares or swaps, to arrange retreats or a discussion forum of some kind. She will take a genuine interest in the progress and experiences of her students.

It is important for a Reiki teacher to be a role model, meaning that she tries to embody the Reiki Precepts in her everyday life and to illuminate the way for her students with her Great Bright Light. Nonetheless, it is also important that a teacher shows that she is human and still has some imperfections on which she is working: she should not allow her students to put her on a pedestal as the fount of all knowledge – to be humble is one of the Reiki precepts in some translations.

Being a Reiki teacher is a lifelong process. We are always learning. It is important that our students are aware of this. We continue to develop over time, increasing our experience through further study and by acknowledging that often our students are actually also our teachers – for their observations or comments can allow us to see or experience concepts or Reiki practice in a different way. This, in turn aids our teaching and our own understanding.

It is important that a Reiki teacher teaches from personal experience and research so that she acts as a guide and mentor for her students both during and after the actual Reiki course and as they continue along their own path of development.

In a nutshell, a good Reiki teacher will teach

* from a clear intellectual understanding,

* with passion from the heart and

* from direct experience.

via A Reiki Teacher’s role.

Reiki Courses 2016

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Reiki Symbol PurpleUSUI REIKI 2

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USUI REIKI 3B MASTER TEACHER (for those who are already Reiki Masters)

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Whirlwind of Light


From Novice to Reiki Master in just 12 months

Each month we offer exciting workshops:

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All workshops are priced and available individually.

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Do have a look at the Calendar. Those workshops shown in Bold and by shaded cells relate to Reiki and are available to those who take the Reiki courses or who already have Reiki. The others are open to everyone through our Spiritual Development Programme. The Spinning into Form workshop is required if you wish to take Reiki as it deals with important aspects of the human energy body, but is open to all.

Payment is by monthly standing order, by monthly subscriptions through Paypal or you can earn an extra £20 off by paying in one lump sum. You may drop out of the schedule at any time.

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A Fresh Approach to REIKI

Why a FRESH APPROACH to Reiki?

In a nutshell, instead of doing individual Reiki workshops, you can make the journey from Novice to Master Teacher within a year!

The best and simplest way to do this is to keep the momentum going by immersing yourself in Reiki over that year. We have devised a programme entitled “The Whirlwind of Light” which allows you to do just that at a very affordable price.

The course that pays for itself!!

When you have completed Reiki 1, you can offer treatments to family and friends in return for a donation – this may be financial or a gift of time/skill – something that represents an exchange of energy to you and your client.

After successfully completing Reiki 2 you can apply for insurance cover and may then charge for treatments.

More than this, the Reiki Master Teacher qualification gives you the tools to attune others to Reiki and to charge for those attunements as well as for treatments.

All of this gives you the potential to have covered the cost of your course by the time you have completed it. How good is that?

Careers Advice for Reiki – U.K. Government website giving careers advice about practising Reiki

Give yourself the gift of Reiki – not only will you give to the world, you can make an income from deepening your personal practice

N B If Reiki is not your calling, then you may like to dip into our series of spiritual workshops entitled Illuminating the Way.