The Reiki Degrees


is the start of the Reiki journey which its founder, Dr. Usui, describes as “the secret art of inviting happiness”. It is the beginning of a spiritual path and a wonderful tool for learning to sense subtle energy, for physical healing and especially for self-healing.

2 DAYS   £125


adds keys for healing on mental and emotional levels as well as for distant healing. The tools taught focus the mind in order to send Reiki to aid the healing of events and situations as well as of people and animals.

Included in the course is a review of your Reiki 1training, in-depth training in the knowledge and use of the 3 Usui Reiki 2 symbols, 4 attunements, meditation, movement and energy exercises and a lot more.

2 DAYS   £150


is for those who want to know and understand more about Reiki and/or as a preparation for Reiki Master training.

2 DAYS   £175


is the Master degree. A Reiki Master recognises that s/he alone is responsible for his/her health and spiritual growth.  This degree can be taken as one degree for those who wish to progress straight to teaching Reiki, or in two parts:

3 DAYS   £475

  • Reiki 3A – introduces you to the Master levels of Usui and Tibetan Reiki. You will learn many more Reiki techniques and the degree enhances the power of the energy you can channel.
  • 2 DAYS   £350
  • Reiki 3B is the Master Teacher degree through which you take responsibility for assisting others on their spiritual paths by initiating them into the wonderful Reiki energy and supporting them afterwards.
  • 2 DAYS   £275

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