Whirlwind of Light


From Novice to Reiki Master in just 12 months

Each month we offer exciting workshops:

at three-monthly intervals, the traditional Reiki training workshops of 2 days, PLUS

in the intervening months, to deepen your awareness and support your Reiki journey, a series of one-day workshops. You choose eight from the 12 offered in Illuminating the Way. Click here for more details.

All workshops are priced and available individually.

BUT we want to encourage you to commit to yourself and your Reiki path and to have access to good, ongoing support from us. So, if you decide to undertake the whole programme from the outset, the courses are heavily discounted to just £79 a month.

Do have a look at the Calendar. Those workshops shown in Bold and by shaded cells relate to Reiki and are available to those who take the Reiki courses or who already have Reiki. The others are open to everyone through our Spiritual Development Programme. The Spinning into Form workshop is required if you wish to take Reiki as it deals with important aspects of the human energy body, but is open to all.

Payment is by monthly standing order, by monthly subscriptions through Paypal or you can earn an extra £20 off by paying in one lump sum. You may drop out of the schedule at any time.

1. Start here: Spinning into Form

A workshop which explores subtle energy throughout the Universe.

2. Proceed to: A Whirlwind of Light

Novice to Master Teacher in just 12 months


3. Choose to dip into our series of spiritual workshops Illuminating the Way.