Spiritual Spring Cleaning


rural village churchEaster is a time of rejoicing in renewal and re-birth. We celebrate the beginning of Spring, the return of the Sun’s strength and our capacity for fresh growth – whether on the roots we put down in the past or from a seed of new promise.  It is time to celebrate our own spiritual renewal.

Over the past few months the Earth’s energy has changed and positive energies have flooded into our lives.


Just as the angle of the new sun shines through the window revealing the dirt and smudges of winter and the dust on the furniture so these light energies illuminate any dark that surrounds us, showing it up in stark contrast so it can be dissolved and healed.

If you tried to clean the windows in the nighttime, it’s likely you would miss many smuts of grime in the dark – but in the sunlight it is easy to see. You may not like what you see at first, but you can soon clean it up. A newly-cleaned house feels brighter and full of happiness so imagine how wonderful you will feel when you clean your soul and your life!

freeimages.co.uk free desktop wallpaperTake a moment to really look and discover what these new energies have revealed to you. See what you need to release in order to grow and move forward. Maybe you need to throw away things like fear, anger, anxiety? Maybe you need to polish your mirror to a perfect shine so that you can reflect all the shining things around you?

litch gateMaybe your floor is littered with things you started, things you meant to do, old thought patterns that no longer serve you.  Maybe you have shut yourself in with old conditioning?

To make way for the new beginnings that are coming in the next few months, open the doors and windows of your spirit.


red tulipsLet in the sunlight and the soft breezes of Spring.  Sweep out the old and dusty. Polish the things you treasure. Dust off the feelings of happiness and joy that have been lingering in a corner.

Bring in the flowers of delight, smiles and laughter.



Relax and enjoy your new Being – a Being with room for inspiration and excitement and the pure joy of being alive and whole.