Can you find the Real You?

litch gate

I am.’         The mystery of the real you is symbolised in these words.

I am.’          Simple words describing a simple truth. I exist. I know I exist.

In the silence within your consciousness you can feelI am’ as the eternal Presence of your being. Allow your attention to flow inward. Let the silence reveal that Presence (‘I am’) within you, rooted in peace and oneness. You are eternal consciousness.

Follow your breath. Slow attention to the inhalation and exhalation of your breath allows you to contact your centre and to align with your awareness.

You do not have to think to find the I am Presence, in fact if you do think you will not find it – for then the mind comes in … ‘Do I exist?’  Perhaps not.  How can I prove I exist?  As we identify with thought, idea, imagination and emotion, as we all do, we are distracted from the simplicity of being – ‘I am’ – and this becomes – ‘I think I am not.’

One single, simple thought can divert your attention and distract you from the Presence. Thus, to contact the mystery of ‘I am’ requires detachment from all thought and from identification with the mind.

If a thought comes in, take your attention back to the breath. A separation or a shift occurs naturally, almost automatically. One moment you are aware of thoughts and you are identifying with them and the next you are simply aware of the ‘I am’ Presence.

This is the real you. Complete, whole, pure and unpolluted.seagull


A Reiki Teacher’s role

The Role of A Reiki Teacher

This definition by Reiki Master Colin Powell says it all.

The primary role of a Reiki Teacher is to teach the practice of Reiki to others. However, there is much more to the role than “just” teaching techniques, history and theory.

A Reiki teacher will form a good relationship with her students so that she better understands what their motivation and goal in learning Reiki is, so that they can be guided in the most appropriate way. She must also be open and able to answer their questions in a clear, non-judgemental and non-condescending way.

A good Reiki teacher will be available for post-course support for her students and provide facilities such as the opportunity to repeat courses, to attend Reiki shares or swaps, to arrange retreats or a discussion forum of some kind. She will take a genuine interest in the progress and experiences of her students.

It is important for a Reiki teacher to be a role model, meaning that she tries to embody the Reiki Precepts in her everyday life and to illuminate the way for her students with her Great Bright Light. Nonetheless, it is also important that a teacher shows that she is human and still has some imperfections on which she is working: she should not allow her students to put her on a pedestal as the fount of all knowledge – to be humble is one of the Reiki precepts in some translations.

Being a Reiki teacher is a lifelong process. We are always learning. It is important that our students are aware of this. We continue to develop over time, increasing our experience through further study and by acknowledging that often our students are actually also our teachers – for their observations or comments can allow us to see or experience concepts or Reiki practice in a different way. This, in turn aids our teaching and our own understanding.

It is important that a Reiki teacher teaches from personal experience and research so that she acts as a guide and mentor for her students both during and after the actual Reiki course and as they continue along their own path of development.

In a nutshell, a good Reiki teacher will teach

* from a clear intellectual understanding,

* with passion from the heart and

* from direct experience.

via A Reiki Teacher’s role.

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