Reiki 1 Manual now available:

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A Fresh Approach to REIKI

Why a FRESH APPROACH to Reiki?

In a nutshell, instead of doing individual Reiki workshops, you can make the journey from Novice to Master Teacher within a year!

The best and simplest way to do this is to keep the momentum going by immersing yourself in Reiki over that year. We have devised a programme entitled “The Whirlwind of Light” which allows you to do just that at a very affordable price.

The course that pays for itself!!

When you have completed Reiki 1, you can offer treatments to family and friends in return for a donation – this may be financial or a gift of time/skill – something that represents an exchange of energy to you and your client.

After successfully completing Reiki 2 you can apply for insurance cover and may then charge for treatments.

More than this, the Reiki Master Teacher qualification gives you the tools to attune others to Reiki and to charge for those attunements as well as for treatments.

All of this gives you the potential to have covered the cost of your course by the time you have completed it. How good is that?

Careers Advice for Reiki – U.K. Government website giving careers advice about practising Reiki

Give yourself the gift of Reiki – not only will you give to the world, you can make an income from deepening your personal practice

N B If Reiki is not your calling, then you may like to dip into our series of spiritual workshops entitled Illuminating the Way.